Embrace Your Uniqueness


I don't write a lot of posts like this one, where my focus is to point you to stuff I've already written, but there's a reason this is top of mind. My daughter is applying to college this weekend. She wants to stand apart from everyone else. She wants to get accepted. And she's heard me say it a million times – “embrace your uniqueness”

Five Posts on Taking a Corner

So today, in case she reads this post, I thought I would put all my posts in one place for easy reading.

  1. In this post, I help you figure out how to find the thing that makes you unique. Starting out as a Creator, Stand Out
  2. I once wrote, “You will never surprise anyone by doing what everyone else is doing.” That was in this post on standing out that I wrote for public speakers.
  3. Then I wrote a post for freelancers on how to be different than all the other freelancers out there. I showed them the easiest way to stand apart from every competitor.
  4. I asked you, “What problems are you solving that your competitors aren't solving?” in the post about how to differentiate from other vendors.
  5. Another phrase I've used when talking about embracing your uniqueness is taking a corner, and in that post I show you an example of how someone else does it.

Being Different Takes Courage

I also spoke about this topic on a recent podcast. But maybe what I never mention, is that this is hard work. Everyone out there is always trying to fit in. Few people do the work needed to be unique, because it often looks like you're all alone. When everyone is going right, it's hard to go left.

Being different takes work and courage. But the results prove that it's work worth doing.

So today I hope you embrace your own uniqueness. And I hope those posts help.

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