Have You Tried WooFunnels?


When it comes to WooCommerce & funnels, there's a good chance you've heard of CartFlows – one of the earliest players working to bring ClickFunnel-like solutions to the WordPress ecosystem. But maybe you haven't heard about WooFunnels – an incredibly powerful solution that is worth knowing about.

I've written before about post-purchase offers. Last week I spoke about them for Nexcess and their holiday event. Tomorrow I'll be talking about it at WooSesh.

Before I show you how awesome this is, I want to give you my scenario.

A Post Purchase Offer

So let's say I want to offer a special for certain customers by making a hoodie available to them for 50% off.

Now, let's say I want to only offer it to people who buy any product in the “shirt” category.

And most importantly, I don't want to make this offer to anyone who has already bought this product.

That's the scenario. Can I do it with WooFunnels? You bet I can. And it's really easy.

So here's the quick recap:

  • Offer Hoodie for 50% off
  • Only to people who buy products in “shirt” category
  • Only to people who never bought the hoodie
  • Offer it after the checkout (a post-purchase offer)

Now let me show you how easy this is.

WooFunnels One-Click Upsell

Just about everything I want is configured in this single screen. There's one other section to touch, the “Rules” area where I can say that I only want this offer to show up when the person is buying a product from the “shirt” category.

But everything else is in a single screen – which is so powerful!

WooFunnels makes things easy. I don't have to do a lot of work to make this happen. But it gets even better.

The WooFunnels Upsell Page

There are a lot of funnel solutions out there that give me the chance to create any page I want. But I have to design it all.

There are other funnel solutions out there that give me templates and that work with page builders. Great, but again, I still have to do a lot.

Notice this page? I did nothing. And I got several things done for me:

  • I have a timer at the top of the page
  • They give me a flow / step counter to show me where I am in the process
  • I see a Title/Sub-title call out with text and dynamic naming in place
  • They place the photo, the product, and the pricing adjustment automatically
  • The button is added and is big
  • I get the credit card strip below it

And so much more. All without doing any designing. That's pretty powerful, isn't it?

You Have a Lot of Options

When it comes to funnels and post-purchase offers, you have a lot of options. While I wanted to make sure you knew about WooFunnels, there are a lot of players stepping into this space. You don't have to take my word for anything, you can check any of these folks out.

I'm still putting each one thru their own paces – a task made harder by the fact they each keep innovating and evolving. But WooFunnels is surely one of the top ones to watch.