Using FluentCRM with Uncanny Automator

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Using FluentCRM with Uncanny Automator

There are multiple WordPress CRM solutions out there (Autonami, Groundhogg, Jetpack CRM, and FluentCRM). The two I like for their visual automation platforms are Autonami and FluentCRM, and as you've seen lately, I've been digging deeper into FluentCRM. Today I worked on an automation where I was bringing FluentCRM with Uncanny Automator to make some magic happen.

Here's What I'm Trying To Do

What I want is to create a coupon (dynamically) that is only created when a person makes their first purchase of one of my new online courses.

I want it to be a good discount – like 40%.

And I want it to be time-sensitive (like only available for 3 days).

So that's the goal.

The Challenge

What I want to do is pretty easy with Autonami. But it's not as straightforward with FluentCRM (even with their WooCommerce integration). They do a great job of catching the first purchase, but dynamic coupon creation was escaping me.

It's always possible that it is user error. Right?

How I Solved It

First, I used the power of FluentCRM to add a tag when the conditions are met – “First Time Course Buyer.”

You see that here.

Inside that first trigger, I used the conditions in FluentCRM to find any customer who has made a purchase from the “Courses” product category.

But I only want to add this tag to people who are making their first purchase.

And with that, I can now move over to Uncanny Automator. I have told you before about how awesome this product is. Now I'm using FluentCRM with Uncanny Automator to make this magic happen without any code.

First I look for the new tag getting applied. Then I generate the 40% discount code (dynamically – so I am never involved), limit it to 3 days of use, and email it to the customer.

It's kind of perfect!

I don't normally write such short posts, but when the magic is easy and quick, then you don't need more words. You just need to know this is possible (and how to do it).

When I launch new courses, you'll likely get to experience it yourself.

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