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Having worked with hundreds of teams building and marketing new products, there are patterns of mistakes I see all the time.

The crazy thing is that every one of these mistakes is completely avoidable – without a PhD or ten years of experience.

But the mistakes are common because of our belief systems. How we think about things impacts our actions, which impacts how we think about things.

In other words, it can be a vicious cycle.

Today I published two mini-courses, along with my recent storytelling course.

Each mini course has only 4 lessons (the most common four mistakes you want to avoid) and lasts less than 30 minutes. In other words, they're incredibly easy to digest.

I told you before why I love mini-courses:

  • Most people never finish the courses they buy
  • Most courses aren't designed to solve a specific problem
  • Mini Courses can deliver direct and fast results

Imagine spending less than 30 minutes in order to skip past the most common mistakes others just like you make (over and over again), and discover the paradigms that will lead you to success.

Here's even better news – I have two more on their way.

There has never been a more inexpensive way to get some of my insights. If you book a call on Clarity, it will cost you more. If you want a single or ongoing coaching, it will cost you more.

I have more than a thousand posts you could read for free. But other than that, my mini-courses are the cheapest way to get access to my most strategic thinking.

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