Three Little Tweaks To Convert More Customers

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When you want to convert more customers sometimes you need a big, brand new strategy. But what if you could drive greater conversions with a few little tweaks? Today I want to share three little tweaks that will convert more folks.

Create Dedicated Pages for Specific Kinds of Customers

The first trick is to stop trying to convert everyone with the same landing page. Instead, create dedicated pages for specific micro-segments.

ConvertKit does this well:

This allows you to shape your message in a more direct way. Additionally, you'll be able to choose imagery that more closely connects with your audience. And that will drive your conversions.

Create Competitor Comparison Pages

The second trick is to create pages where you can compare your product against others. I told you about these pages a while ago and showed you how to create them the other day.

But the best way to see them is to check out SavvyCal.

When you create these comparisons, you get a chance to share insights with those on the fence. When someone is considering you and a few others, your best bet is to be direct and highlight when your product is a better solution.

Few solutions convert more customers as well as competitor comparisons.

Update Your Call To Action Buttons

When you arrive at the GenerateBlocks site, there's a single button. It's pink. And it doesn't say, “download.” Instead it says, “Install Now.”

The “now” drives urgency to the action. It suggests that someone could get started right away.

If you visit the Uncanny Automator site, you'll see the same thing.

You would think this is a no brainer. But after visiting 30 sites this morning, I found countless had the more boring version of text on call to action buttons that wouldn't do anything to convert more customers.

So head back to your site and check on all your calls to action. Is there any sense of urgency or any time-oriented copy that helps someone who is in need feel like you're ready to help them right away.

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