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Increase Your Reach

Let's talk a little about Oprah

Think about Oprah for a second. I'm thinking about the show she ran for so many years that seemed like a core part of the country's DNA for many folks. Now think about the station that brought her show to you.

You likely remember it because it was your local station – the one you saw all the time. But push yourself further. Think about the station that brought it to you when you traveled. Any clue what station it was on?

You could do the same thing for the Olympics, the Today Show, or anything else. It's likely that you remember the local station but not because of the show. Instead, you remember it because of all its other touch points. But for the most part, the station that broadcasts television content is an afterthought when it comes to non-cable television.

I know what you're thinking right now – so what?

Here's what I know – Oprah didn't care what network showed her show. She just wanted the eyeballs. The more, the better. When it comes to online influence, so do I. More on that in a second.

Using Twitter the Right Way

If you've attended social media sessions with any of the social media coaches out there, they'll tell you that you want to find a balance between sharing your own content, sharing other great content, and having conversations.

But no one tells you where to find that content (the good stuff you're supposed to share). Plus, seriously, let's just assume you have a real job – something that takes up your day. How much time would you have to spend to read everything to find some great nuggets?

And then you'd still have to do the work of getting it all queued up and scheduled to go out. Right? Now, I love buffer, and it's really helpful. But it only solves the last part of the equation.

Greater Reach. Greater Sharing.

If you've visited my site ( before, you'll know I've written about some of my blogging journey over the last 8-9 months. At the end of that post, I shared some of the tools I used. I've also written about the course I took with Chris Brogan.

What you'll notice is that I thought I had reached a maximum point when I hit about 6k views in a week, and at another point at the end of January, I thought 40k views in a month was about where I'd max out. After all, how many people were really going to come over and read these posts?


Well I was wrong. There's serious power when it comes to some of the tools I was telling you about. As March ends, I crossed over 60k views this month. And I don't know if it will continue to go up, but I do know this – I couldn't have done it without Triberr.

Understanding Triberr

Triberr was built for people who write. Because the folks over there understood something profound about Oprah and eyeballs. Really profound. Ready? More is better.

Even though I signed up for an account last fall, I really didn't start using them until January after talking to a social media friend, Pam Ann. She connected me over to Dino who is one of the guys behind Triberr.

As we chatted over skype it was clear he understands the challenges listed above – both wanting more eyeballs and greater influence, but also wanting to help me find great content to share. And the solution does both at once – it helps others share my content (giving me more eyeballs), while also making it easy for me to share their content with my network.

What's the Goal? For me, it's My Reach Amplified

I get asked a lot about the motivation for writing daily. People wonder and ask, “What's the end goal? How do you define success?” And I get the question. I just don't have an answer. Because I'm more focused on the journey than the destination. I want to develop my platform. Until last year, it was thru others. I was behind the scenes. Now I'm out in front.

But what I know is that there are clearly some things that will be easier with a platform than without it. And I like writing. I'm a public speaker more than a writer (I hear myself talking to you, more than I think about you reading what I'm writing). But having moved two years ago, I knew I wouldn't be speaking a lot right away. So I started writing more.

Either way, Triberr offers a way to invite you to be a “super fan” and amplify my reach.

Are you a chrislema SuperFan?

If you join Triberr, you'll get a chance to connect up your social networks. You'll get a chance to follow some groups (and then be invited in to them after a bit). And you'll get the chance to join “atomic groups.” An atomic group works this way – it takes the content of the producer and it shares it across all the subscriber's connected networks, automatically.

It's not for everyone. In fact, it's not for most people.

But if you like what I write. If you regularly share what I write. If you trust and know me. If you want my content syndicated to your network so that you're not only sharing your own tweets, but also others….in that case, you might be a chrislema superfan. And if that's true, once you sign up for Triberr, you'll want to visit this link.

The superfan tribe

Here are some things you should know – right off the bat. I write daily. I write about WordPress, presentation tips, business coaching, and occasionally about blogging – in a strategic way. I never write about my (non-existent) dog. I write using language your mom could read. And I don't offer things for sale more than once a month (if that).

Either way, I'm not the best at explaining why Triberr rocks.

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