One of the most common eCommerce mistakes we all make


When it comes to eCommerce, there are a lot of mistakes people make. But there's one that is really common and easy to fix that's not technical at all.

eCommerce Mistakes People Make

There are a lot of mistakes that people make when getting started on their eCommerce site.

But that list is a list that takes expertise, cost, technical know-how, and time to fix.

A simple problem with a simple fix

Today I want to highlight a simple and common problem that doesn't take nearly the same expertise, technical know-how, cost and time to fix.

You see the problem, right?

It's that “always be selling” dynamic that forgets that people have trouble with:

  • The language of the problem space
  • The language of the solution space
  • The players in the solution's market
  • The products by those players

This requires content

I know you're not surprised that I'm telling you that you need different kinds of content for different people, at different points in their journey. And on top of that, you need different content for different market segments.

So basically, yeah, you need to develop an expertise in sharing insights and education without being “selly.”

I”ll be talking about this at some of my upcoming conferences but I'll also be writing more about it—in either a set of posts or an eBook. Either way, this is something that is relatively easy to work on, at a lower cost, and doesn't require a massive overhaul in a single instance.

But it's something that pays off over time. As you get better and better at educating your market, you'll discover something amazing.

The trust you develop in educating your market pays dividends when that market purchases from you.

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