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“Amazing & Dynamic Speaker!”

The one thing you won't get from hiring me to speak is a boring, dry talk and turned-off audience. The first minutes of any presentation are critical and every bit afterward just as important. My goal is to inspire and to drive your audience to action and my talks have been remembered more than a year later.

  • High Energy – I'll wake up the audience and entertain
  • Funny – I'll teach a lesson while making people laugh
  • Memorable – I'll capture & keep people's attention

No Matter What, We'll Have Fun

“I wish he went longer…”

From technical and business topics to leadership topics, I've got all the stories you need to entertain, inspire, and motivate attendees. No matter the story, one thing is for sure, we will laugh, we'll learn, and people will thank you for inviting me to your event. Pick your topic.

  • eCommerce – Platforms, Conversions, and More
  • WordPress – Ecosystem, Products, Pricing, and More
  • Leadership – Team, Strategy, Storytelling, and More
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