Can I Tell Your Audience A Story?

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"Amazing and dynamic speaker! I wish his talk had been longer..."

The one thing you won't get from hiring me to speak is a boring, dry talk and turned-off audience. The first minutes of any presentation are critical and every bit afterward just as important. My goal is to inspire and to drive your audience to action and my talks have been remembered more than a year later.

  • High Energy: I'll wake up the audience and entertain
  • Great Humor: I'll teach a lesson and make people laugh
  • Memorable Stories: I'll capture attention and keep it
Amy Hall

Chris Lema is an entertaining, engaging, and thought provoking presenter. His sessions are always completely captivating. He uses storytelling to teach by example, which helped me retain and now use more of the strategies he taught. I've seen Chris speak many times. He is easy to understand and fun to watch. I always look forward to and attend his sessions knowing I will walk away with a deeper understanding of the topic.

Amy Hall |

No matter the topic, I promise we're going to have some fun

From technical and business topics to leadership topics, I've got all the stories you need to entertain, inspire, and motivate attendees. No matter the story, one thing is for sure, we will laugh, we'll learn, and people will thank you for inviting me to your event.

  • eCommerce: Platforms, Conversions, and More
  • WordPress: Ecosystem, Products, Pricing, and More
  • Leadership: Team, Strategy, Storytelling, and More
Chris Lema Conference Speaker

Let's Make Sure I'm For You (Videos & Slides)

Click any thumbnail below to review videos from some of my most popular keynote presentations or view more examples from other events on YouTube and slide decks on SlideShare.

Brian Bourn

Chris Lema is consistently one of our highest rated speakers. We always have him speak first to wake up attendees, get them motivated and excited about what's to come, and set the tone for our event. He is a master at telling stories that position the attendee as the hero, demonstrating what's possible in a relatable way, and delivering valuable tips and insights.

Brian Bourn | WordCamp Sacramento Organizer

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"Best talk of the event....I feel so inspired! The energy level of the presentation was through the roof awesome. He should get scheduled first thing in the morning to wake people up."