Every company has the ability to be a success story.

The secret to blowing past your goals and achieving results your competition can only dream about is maintaining velocity no matter what gets thrown in your path. It's tough to do but I can help.


I’m Chris Lema

For more than 25 years, I’ve worked with, led, hired, mentored, consulted with, and coached high-performers and high-performing teams to drive remarkable results and deliver outcomes others said were impossible.

Today, I’m known for being:

A seasoned executive, and CEO of Motivations AI, with deep experience in product strategy for SaaS, eCommerce, courseware, and membership and subscription platforms.

A well-known business coach who has worked with some of the biggest players in the WordPress and open-source ecosystems.

A blogger, speaker, and storyteller who regularly engages audiences of 10-10,000 with inspiring and empowering stories that challenge perceptions and drive action.

Because I’m an achiever driven by challenge and motivated by the opportunity to add value, my greatest joy comes from helping software teams, virtual teams, and leaders within businesses of $1M+ ARR achieve peak performance and accelerate results — without sacrificing quality or the health and wellness of their most valuable assets: their people.

Chris Lema wearing a suit

“When you hire Chris, it's like attaching JATOs to your business — those jet assisted take-off engines that provide additional thrust to get big planes off the ground on short runways. He is that kind of accelerator. While coaching with Chris, WP101 grew from a simple WordPress plugin to a SaaS platform, increased revenue 25% year-over-year, and navigated a profitable exit.”

Shawn Hesketh

Shawn Hesketh – WP101

What I Care Most About Is You

I could share a list of accomplishments and impressive success stories from clients like Brad Morrison, whose business GoWP has launched four productized services, grown its MRR by 130%, and added 25 people to its team during our work together…

But let’s face it, while helpful for context, you’re not here for my clients’ success stories. You’re here to figure out if I can help you turn the business you have into the business you want and dream about.

Chris Lema at the beach

And yes, together we can bridge the gap so you can move fast, move with confidence, and write your own incredible success story.

Through personalized mentoring and business coaching, I will challenge you and your team to think differently — because great teams create great products, high-performing teams produce game-changing results in less time, and well-led teams hit their targets without burning out.

You know the saying: If you want to take your business to the next level and achieve different results, you must do something different.

The question now is whether you’re ready to invest in business coaching and commit to doing the work.

Learn More About Coaching

“During the pandemic, I had to quickly pivot my successful in-person business. While I had a clear vision and big dreams, I didn't know how to make it happen. Chris wasted no time coming to the rescue. He helps solve problems and determine next steps — and he doesn't leave to act on your own. Chris provides extraordinary support and empowers you to be at your best.”

Ciara Pressler

Ciara Pressler – Pregame HQ

Hope Is Not A Strategy

Business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creators in every industry are fueled by passion and the desire to create a better future for themselves, their businesses, their teams, and their families.

There’s just one problem: For many, best guesses and crossed fingers are a big part of their strategies. And if you’ve been connected with me for long enough, you’ve likely already heard me say hope is not a strategy.

I’m known for being strategic and thinking not one step ahead but 10 or even 20 steps ahead. I’m also known for my predictions, and for more often than not, being right. And it’s not because I can see the future or I’m a magical unicorn. It’s because I’ve been collecting, documenting, and refining stories, examples, frameworks, and case studies that work since my college days, which means I never fly by the seat of my pants or make things up as I go.

Everything I do, every story I share, and every piece of advice I give is rooted in real-world examples, historical data, and frameworks that have been proven time and time again, and designed to drive peak performance.

When you hire me for business coaching:

We benchmark where you’re at, define where you want to go, and chart the best, most efficient path forward.

We identify the obstacles in your way and what's holding you back, then push them aside so you can go fast.

I draw from my years of experience, bank of stories, and collection of 78 frameworks to tailor your coaching to fit your needs.

You take consistent action with my ongoing support, because coaching doesn’t work if you don’t do the work.

We celebrate your incredible success.

When you hire me to speak:

We examine the audience and their unique needs, and the gap I can fill in your resources or programming.

We identify the topic and angle that will provide the most value, get people thinking, and leave a lasting impact.

I craft a talk that will use stories to tie critical business concepts to relatable everyday moments.

I show up, participate in your event, get to know your people, and deliver a session that is entertaining and engaging.

We celebrate with positive reviews.

“Our business has a pre-Chris era and a post-Chris era. His coaching shifted our digital agency for the better and we have enjoyed more success since acting on his advice. Chris is honest and direct. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. He helps you become a better business owner and better product designer, and really, better at whatever you're doing.”

Tracy Levesque

Tracy Levesque – YIKES, Inc.

Chris Lema Laughing

Interested? We Should Talk

This is a no-pressure zone. I have limited availability, but it's not any made-up scarcity.

Hit me up on my contact form, or schedule some time with me on Clarity and let's talk about what you need and how I can help.