About Chris Lema

Isn’t the “about” page the worst page to write?

No one ever feels good writing about themselves.

I can’t really say, “I’m Chris Lema. That’s just me. Come read through my site and get to know me.” I know that none of us has time for that. My LinkedIn Profile has my professional resume and bio, if you’re wondering about my qualifications, and, of course, you can always…

Chris Lema
Chris Petrauskas

Very impressed and grateful for Chris' insight. I consider myself a good researcher but was flat-out stumped on some architectural details. Chris zeroed-in on my concerns and simply and succinctly spun-out a solution path. I glad to spend more time exploring what was possible and how to accomplish it efficiently and cost-effectively.

Chris Petrauskas

How do I know you’re for real?

The problem with resumes is that anyone can tell you what they think they've done, and you have no idea if they've really done it. Right? So maybe a better way to know if I'm the real deal is to check out the feedback and reviews I get on Clarity.fm — where I get paid by the minute to give companies advice.

I'm one of the most sought after folks on Clarity, with not only a high per-minute cost but a high number of positive reviews.

What can you do for me?

The question you likely have is more personal. What can I do for you? I can't say for sure, but let me see if any of these particular highlights apply to you.

  • I've worked with several companies to help them build better software products and run better software development teams. This has been in leadership roles or consultative roles. It hasn't mattered. If I get involved in a project, I drive for results by making sure the staff is well-led, mentored, introduced to new concepts and decision-making frameworks and more. If you're trying to manage a team of folks, I likely have ways to help you.
  • I’ve worked with several companies to improve their marketing messages and how they bring their products to market. I'm a product guy all the way. So as a consultant or employee, I've been responsible over and over for marketing messages and go-to-market strategies. If you're trying to figure out your segmentation strategy, learn what messages to focus on, and get the word out, I may be able to help you.
  • I'm a public speaker that has made audiences laugh every 4 minutes. Seriously, I've been speaking to crowds and gatherings since I was in high school. I've invested in learning the art of storytelling and can do it on a variety of topics. Even when I'm not on stage, I'm telling stories. So I can either help you shape your own, or tell some of them for you.
  • I know WordPress and I know the WordPress community. If you've spent time on this blog you know that for the last five years I've spent time getting to know the product landscape in the WordPress ecosystem. I regularly provide assessments and advice on strategy as it relates to the WordPress community.