About Chris Lema

Build a Better Business

My name is Chris Lema and I'm a public speaker, storyteller, blogger, coach & a product strategist.

My motivation behind all of what I do is to help your business grow. For more than fifteen years I've been helping companies think about things differently. I have frameworks (and tons of stories) that I use to put your work into a new perspective and challenge you.

If you don't enjoy being challenged, skip my blog, my conference talks, my Clarity account and my coaching. But if you want a customized approach to your growth (and not some routine “program” that everyone goes thru), I'm your guy.

Check me out via the blog, or my YouTube channel. Then give me a call.

What are you struggling with?

Here's what matters – how can I help you?

I can help you build better software products and run better software teams. Twenty years of leadership roles and working as a consultant or coach – the results have been the same. If I get involved, we'll see results by making sure your team is well-led, mentored, and I'll share with them some new frameworks. Better processes. Better decisions. If you're trying to manage a team of folks, I likely have ways to help you.

I’ve helped companies like yours improve marketing messages and go to market strategies. I'm a product guy all the way. So as a consultant or employee, I've been responsible for marketing messages and go-to-market strategies. If you're trying to figure out your segmentation strategy, learn what messages to focus on, and get the word out, I can help you.

I'm a public speaker that has made audiences laugh regularly. Seriously, I've been speaking to crowds and gatherings for more than 20 years. Tech conferences. Marketing conferences. Startup conferences. It doesn't matter. Even when I'm not on stage, I'm telling stories. Let me help you engage and entertain your customers or your employees.

I know WordPress and I know the WordPress community. If you've spent time on this blog you know that I've spent more than 15 years getting to know the product landscape in the WordPress ecosystem. I regularly provide assessments and advice on strategy as it relates to the WordPress community.

How can I help you today?

If you want to connect, hit my up on my contact form, or schedule some time with me on Clarity and let's see if I can help.