You won’t help anyone if you’re broke

The formula for profit is simple: make more than your costs. It's not hard to think about. Just like losing weight is pretty simple to think about: eat less than the calories you burn. Right? The math on both of ...

Five tips for dealing with non-paying clients (after deploying a site)

Here are five tips that I want to share with you about dealing with non-paying clients.

What will your legacy be? And why it matters now!

When I think about what it takes to truly have an impact on the world around me, 20-30 years doesn't feel like a lot. What will your legacy be?

Generosity comes from Perspective

When you surprise someone with generosity it can be a wonderful thing. But what drives the giving? One answer is perspective.

Generosity’s Second Discipline: Networking

Generosity doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive. The second discipline is another question you ask yourself. Then watch how it changes you.

Generosity: Starting from a place of Abundance

In the fifth article in my series on generosity, we step into actually giving - from a simple place, from the place of our abundance.

Generosity’s First Discipline: Listening

I don't believe generosity is something you're born doing well. But it is a habit that you can develop. And the first discipline shapes how you listen.

Generosity’s First Lesson

People will suggest that the first lesson in learning generosity is to give a small amount. They're wrong. That's not generosity's first lesson. This is.

Expectant Generosity

People say you should give without any expectation at all. I disagree. I think you should step into generosity with a level of expectation. The right way.

The opposite of Generosity

A lot of people presume that the opposite of generosity is selfishness, but I don't think so. Come see what I think it is, and how to deal with it.

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