Membership Site Ownership

How To Create a Membership Site With WordPress in 10 Steps

Introduction There's never been a better time to create a membership site than right now. We saw the big jump in both membership sites and online courses in 2020 from COVID and the trends suggest this will continue this year ...

Trying to sell corporate memberships?

Selling group memberships Years ago I helped a friend build their online business. He was selling an online course that really took off. After a great two-week launch, we wanted to plan for the next opening – and that's when ...

Free Course on MemberPress & Beaver Builder

Yes. A Free Course! If you are trying to build a membership site, then you know one of my favorite plugins is MemberPress. And if you want your site to look good, you know I recommend Beaver Builder. So I've ...

Have big dreams? Focus on small iterations

Every couple of days I answer a call on Clarity—a service entrepreneurs use to ask others for advice. About a year ago a gentleman called to ask about a membership site he was building. Three days later, he called back. ...

For complex membership sites using WordPress, my answer is always the same

Let's be honest—there are straightforward membership sites and complex ones. Straightforward membership sites don't have to be simple. I'm not saying that. Straightforward vs. Complex Membership Sites What I am saying is that if your focus is the following, I'd call ...

Do one thing well

I like products with “all the things.” For months before the first iPhone was released, I was sure that I wasn't going to get one. The rumors, and there were several, were constantly uninspiring. There was not going to be ...

Why you should be using email automation to grow your membership site

Email is an incredibly powerful tool, and when used correctly, can transform your business in ways you may not think possible.

Are you trying to build a membership site with WordPress?

Is it time to build a membership site with WordPress? Are you ready? Have you decided it's too much technical work to get it done? Let me help.

What does know about membership sites?

What does know about membership sites that you don't? I'll tell you right now.

Is WordPress the right solution for Association websites?

WordPress can do things. But that doesn't mean it always should. I'm talking about association websites - which may be better built other ways.

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