Uncanny Codes for WordPress

Recently my friend Veena offered a lifetime deal on Appsumo for Smart Quiz Builder. One of the things I thought was pretty cool was her ability to create all those “stackable codes” for Appsumo customers so that they could get SQB for more than one site. She explained how she did it (because she has the coding chops to pull it off) and I thought – well, guess I won't be able to do that. But then I discovered Uncanny Codes for WordPress.

Imagine being able to offer (or sell) stackable codes for anything, and make it work with just about any product or feature on your WordPress site. That's pretty powerful, right?

Uncanny Codes is Great for LearnDash

The other day I told you about a way to sell team seats or licenses for your online courses. I did this by using Uncanny Automator. And as I was figuring it out, I discovered another option – the one I'm telling you about today.

Uncanny Codes started as a solution for LearnDash. I just didn't know about it. But as I dug in, it's great for that. You can sell a corporate license with multiple seats, and ship them the codes (much like I was creating and sending out coupon codes), and then use those codes (when they're redeemed) to put a person into a course.

Why is this a better approach?

You don't need the employee, in that scenario, to “purchase” the individual version of the course with the coupon code. Instead, they just go to a regular form, place the code in, and then you use Uncanny Automator to redeem the code and put the employee into the course.


Uncanny Codes isn't Just for LearnDash

Of course the best news is that Uncanny Codes isn't just for LearnDash. You can use it for just about any situation you want.

Let's say you're not dealing with online courses. Instead, you could use codes to allow people to get limited access to specific content that's normally protected by a membership plugin.

I have worked with a lot of clients that want this kind of feature. They want to let some folks see a bit of what's behind the curtain, but not access to everything without buying a membership.

So now, you give them codes and let them redeem them for a single protected report of their choosing. It's easy when you combine Uncanny Codes with Uncanny Automator.

Tight Integration with Uncanny Automator

You might be thinking, wait a second, are you saying I have to use Automator with Uncanny Codes? And the answer now is yes. But you don't have to buy anything. I'm talking about the free version of Automator.

Instead of adding all that Automator code into the 4.0 version of Uncanny Codes, they simply built some integration so that you could put the two to work together.

Think about all that you can do:

  • Use Automator to add a user to your system
  • Use Automator to add a tag to a user in your FluentCRM on redemption
  • Use Automator to put a user into a course or membership
  • Use Automator to trigger an email sequence in FluentCRM

I showed you some of this already.

Support for WooCommerce too!

I'm leaving the best for last, but with Automator Pro, you can also sell all these codes. So just like the Appsumo deal I spoke about, you can create your own version of Appsumo – selling as many codes as you (or your customers) like.

This is all pretty spectacular if you ask me. Check out the Uncanny Codes plugin.

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