A WooCommerce Product Page without a Shopping Cart


I'm a member of two really great facebook groups (Orange Country WordPress and Advanced WordPress) – in fact, they're the first groups I've belonged to where I participate almost daily (as opposed to various LinkedIn, Quora, Google and other groups I belong to). But because I am on those almost daily, I can't really recall when it was that I saw the request come through about using an eCommerce site for its catalog (but without the eCommerce features). What they were saying was that they had a client who wanted to use a plugin to create good looking product pages, or a nice catalog, without giving anyone a shopping cart.

It seemed like an odd request until I came home from vacation and found a similar email request asking if there was a way to do something like it. What seemed odd and random now suddenly required me to spend a few minutes looking into. So I did. And thankfully, WooCommerce came to the rescue again.

WooCommerce is a plugin by the guys at WooThemes. I know some folks are bothered by the history of how Woo got started with this plugin, but I am not one of those folks. I love the plugin, have found it very useful, and highly recommend it for many things. Now, I recommend it for creating a good looking Woocommerce product page without any shopping cart features! Because a quick review of their extensions showed me this one:

You can pick up this nifty extension right here: http://www.woothemes.com/extension/catalog-visibility-options/

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