You Don’t Need Another Course


I know this is a crazy post to write – right as I'm getting ready to publish 9 courses on this site. But if you've been reading on this site long enough you know this is a pretty big pitch-free zone for my own products. And today I want to challenge you a bit, after a conversation I had with a friend. Here's the bottom line – you don't need another course.

Why do I say that?

Or maybe the better question is, who am I saying it to?

So let's start there…

Do You Really Need Another Course?

If you have a skill gap, then yes, you likely need a course. Or you need to search YouTube because they have everything explained on there. But I'm not writing to you if you're trying to solve a skill gap (like learning how to change a ceiling fan).

If you are taking a cohort-based course for the purpose of networking and connecting with others to help you learn, you likely need that course. I'm not talking to you. Go on and get your cohort-learning self enrolled.

If you are taking a course to get rapid feedback and your instructor is going to provide that, and it's what you really need, then you do you. I'm not talking to you.

None of the above situations apply to what I'm talking about.

So who am I talking to?

If you're eager to take a course because you think you don't know enough…

You're who I'm talking to.

If fear or insecurity or a sense of imposter syndrome is pushing you to pay for a course because you trust someone else's authority instead of your own experience, then I'm here to tell you one thing.

You don't need another course.

Why Am I Saying That?

You don't need external validation. You have your own experience and you can build on it. And you have peers and friends who are more than happy to give you honest feedback if you need it.

But most importantly….

There is no single “system” that is going to immediately work for you.

And what that means is that you're going to have to learn who you are, what you're willing to do (and not willing to do), what strategies you're willing to accept (or not accept), all so you can tweak someone else's system to be yours.

And that comes with experience. Trial and error.

Which means what you need right now isn't a course. What you need right now is the encouragement to go try some things. Get your hands dirty.

And then come back and let's see what you learned.

By that point you may realize you never needed that course to begin with!