A Powerful Video Solution for Courses


A Powerful Video Solution for Courses

If you have a blog, YouTube channel, an online website or any kind of presence online, there's a good chance you get bombarded with emails every day. Mostly spam. “Dear sir, I have an excellent solution for your site.” I wake up to tons of them every morning. Most of them get trashed immediately.

But every now and then the subject or the content look like they were written by a human. That's how I discovered a new powerful video solution for courses.

The email came from a guy who wanted to talk about the eLearning space. I was interested. So we got on a call. I had no idea if he wanted advice or just to show me something.

But what he showed me was pretty powerful. It's called Muse.ai.

Not Another AI Solution…

I know. The moment I wrote “AI,” I lost you. Right? There have been a million AI solutions that aren't very “I” launched in the last year.

But Philip was showing me something different.

Today I want to tell you about three of its features that have me looking at using it for my new courses getting launched next month.

1. Video Hosting

First, it's not just a cool video platform. It's a video hosting platform with a CDN. Now you recall that I told you about Bunny.net which is incredibly inexpensive. So the first thing I was looking for was whether this was going to be expensive or not. And it's not. It doesn't charge using the same model as Bunny.net, but it's not nearly as expensive as I was paying at Vimeo.

You can host 100GB with unlimited embeds and support for 4K for $5/month (paid yearly).

That's pretty nice, but what else?

2. Automatic Subtitles

There are a ton of video solutions for online courses out there today. But most make you do a lot of work to put subtitles into your video. Muse eliminates the work. It does it by automatically creating it's own transcript of your video (included in your price). So when you want to show subtitles, you simply turn it on by adding the parameter to the embed script.

3. Video Search

This feature is what, for me, makes this a powerful video solution for courses. Sure, it does chapters, supports all sort of player embed options and all that. But this one feature makes it really stand out for me.

In a long video file, which happens in a lot of video lessons I watch, I'd love to be able to get to the part of the video I care about. And inline search is a great way to do it.

That's what Muse.ai offers (and it's a big part of the “AI”).

Choosing a Video Solution for Courses

Am I switching over to Muse.ai? I don't know. I'm playing with it right now. I also really love Presto Player and how well it integrates with Bunny.net, so I'm having a hard time choosing.

Here's a bit of where I'm landing:

  • If you have long video lessons, Muse.ai and it's ability to help users navigate to the right part of the video may be for you.
  • If you have short lessons and you want the features that Presto Player brings (like integration with other WordPress solutions), then that may be the right video solution for you.

I hope that helps, and I'll keep you in the loop as I learn more.

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