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You may not know this but I've been offering courses for years and years. But most of the time it's not been on my main site. I've used Teachery, Teachable, Thinkific, and most recently Podia. But today I started to move my storytelling course to my own site (in a subdomain). Today I thought I would show you how to use Presto Player with LearnDash (two of the tools I'm using for this course).

Part of the challenge most course builders face isn't just getting the video to look good (customizing the player, etc.) but also where to host your videos (at a good price). So I'm also showing you how well Presto Player works with

What that means is that you'll need to go register for (which offers a free trial). But once you do that, you don't really have to worry about anything else. Presto Player makes it really easy.

Adding a Video to Presto Player

After you've added Presto Player to your LearnDash site, you can go to the Media Hub to add a video. This is where you'll get options. While you can use your own site to host videos, YouTube, or Vimeo, I'm a new fan of

You'll be offered a chance to pick the video by clicking on Upload Videos, or you can create a collection. I use collections to manage different sets of videos for different courses. So since the course I was loading videos for was my Telling Stories course, I created that collection.

Then I started uploading videos.

Integrating with

When using Presto Player with LearnDash while hosting on, you might think that you have to do a lot of configuration to get your site to integrate with

You'd be wrong.

All you have to do when adding a video (above) is to add the key that connects with your site. Presto Player even links to your Account page on to get the key. So you paste it in once and you're done.

Since these courses are protected, I didn't want the videos on to be public. Not an issue at all. Presto Player lets me say I wanted the video to be private.

What you see below is that Presto Player communicates with behind the scenes and creates two folders – the private folder and the public folder. The collection I added was put under the private folder (which is perfect).

Adding Videos to LearnDash

Adding the video lesson to the LearnDash lesson is really easy because Presto Player gives you several Gutenberg blocks to use. You'll see all those options below.

Since I already had uploaded the video to the Media Hub, I could pick the private block and clicking on “add/select private video stream” took me to the list of my uploaded videos.

Once you pick the video, the page refreshes with the block now populated. And Presto Player helps me make the lesson look good by letting me pick from several of the presets for the player itself.

Using Presto Player with LearnDash

I don't think adding video to an online course has ever been easier. Presto Player has many more features (and a Pro version with even more). If you have chapters in a single video, you get even more.

But for what I'm doing, this was perfect, easy, and fast. I think you'll dig it.

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