Enhancing WooCommerce (to work better with LearnDash)

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Don't Let People Lie To You

Today I heard about a LearnDash client who was told they should use a different LMS because it works better with WooCommerce. It was a ridiculous claim that was completely false and used broken logic to make the case. Suggesting that LearnDash doesn't work great with WooCommerce is insane. But here's my tip on enhancing WooCommerce to work even better for LearnDash course creators.

Enhancing WooCommerce and the My Account Page

I'm playing with video. And trust me, I'm not a video editor. I've never once (until today) ever done anything other than click “export” when it comes to video. So this is rough work, for sure, but here is the video where I show you what I'm talking about.

Click on the photo to watch this video – https://youtu.be/Bv4S4rwReRs

Fancy, right? Let's be honest, I have no skills at this. But I do know how to enhance WooCommerce to make it work great for LearnDash customers, and that's the reason I created the video.

Here's the code you need, when you download and install Code Snippets, the free plugin. Save the code. Install Snippets. Then go to the Snippets main screen and click import. That's when you give it the file you just downloaded.

Why is This so Powerful?

It's all about friction.

When a user buys a LearnDash course using WooCommerce, they don't know where to go afterwards because WooCommerce shows them a receipt. In a previous video I showed you how I use a custom thank you page redirection plugin to let them know they should go to the My Account page.

When you eliminate friction, you help a customer feel better.

What I showed you above eliminates the friction that a new customer feels when they feel lost. That's not a LearnDash issue. It's a result of not connecting the two experiences together.

That's why I used these three scripts to enhance WooCommerce to eliminate the friction and connect the two on the My Account page.

It's silly to suggest that it's only possible to solve this friction by switching to a different LMS plugin (especially if the overall LMS experience will not be as good).

LearnDash is the Market Leader for a Reason

I know I work day in and day out for LearnDash. So you might think I am biased. And you're right. But not because I work there. Let's be clear, I could have purchased just about any WordPress LMS plugin in the market. The Liquid Web team I work for had the funds and gave me the green light to make a choice and make an offer.

My first choice – and I've used and worked with them all – was LearnDash. So of course I am biased. I think I made the right call in the initial selection, in the purchase, and now in taking the role to lead the team there.

And we're the market leader not because I chose it over the others, but because there's a long history of building a quality product by people who are educators and course creators.

We're not just plugin developers who can copy other features. We're not just plugin developers who think this is a good space to create a product in. We're online course creators and LMS professionals that want a great product for the WordPress ecosystem. And that's been true from the earliest days until now.

I love WooCommerce. And I love LearnDash. And they both work great together. Don't let anyone lie to you.

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