FluentCRM Conditional Checks

Did you miss me?

I wrote daily all of last year. And this year I started writing the first two weeks of the year but then I took the rest of January off. Did you notice?

The issue wasn't that I didn't know what to write. The issue was answering the question what I was trying to accomplish this year. I'm still working it out, but I got a lot of clarity in the last two to three weeks and I'm working on my video den!

First, let me tell you about FluentCRM conditional checks

Today's post isn't about my new video den (where I had to convince my wife to take over a room in our home just for videos). I'll tell you more about that later (and yes, she agreed).

Today I want to tell you about FluentCRM conditional checks.

To do that I have to potentially introduce you to FluentCRM – an incredibly powerful WordPress CRM plugin that runs on your site.

I've written about FluentCRM before:

Most importantly, it's a powerful solution for automations.

But most of those automations require that you run different conditional checks. In other words, you don't simply want things to happen. You want them to happen only when the data meets your criteria.

That's a conditional check.

It's a way of saying, “hey, before you go off and send this person an email, make sure these conditions are true (or false).”

Better yet, let me show you

Normally, what I would do is write you a lot more about these FluentCRM conditional checks but in my effort to embrace more video, I did something different. I recorded a video. And you can watch it here.

FluentCRM conditional checks
Click on the photo to start the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUIbuR8ixxQ)

Like I said, it's a lot easier to see how cool this is than for me to write more about it, right?

But what's the real takeaway?

I think the most important dynamic in my story (video above) is that the exchange wasn't simply this:

“Hey do you have this feature?”

“No. Sorry.”


“Hey, do you have this feature?”

“Sure do. Just do xx.”

“That's not what I want.”


That's how a lot of these exchanges go online. I had a question. And it was complicated. And when I reached out, Jewel took time to understand what I was talking about. Then internalized it. Then decided if it was worth adding, and finally did.

That's a powerful lesson for every plugin owner / author (myself included).

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